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Our Philosophy

Are your children spending too much time on their phones and tablets and not on what they are supposed to, like keeping their room tidy, homework, being polite and being kind? What about socially? Are you worried that your children are becoming anti-social because they are using their phones at the dinner table, locking themselves away in their rooms to use their devices or even tapping away on their phones around friends instead of conversing with one another? Well, you’re not alone. Many parents around the world share your concerns.

So, how do we deal with these concerns?

Traditionally, as parents, many of us resorted to taking devices away from our children.  This has certainly been met with mixed reactions, most seldom pleasant. Some of us have set up and maintained complex schedules dictating when our children can or can’t use their devices but what have these schedules taught them? As soon as the device is available for them to use again, all too often they are back to their old ways…no sports, glaring at the screen, room still untidy.

We believe there’s a better way!

Technology is here to stay. Many of us use mobile devices to keep in touch with family and friends, stay healthy, educate ourselves, perhaps play a game or two etc. and our children are no different. Mobile devices are an integral part of our children’s lives including recreation, learning and social development. However, there has to be a healthy balance between how much time they spend on mobile devices and other important aspects of their lives. We need a quantum shift in our approach to addressing this balance. The ourValues® app is the solution!

The ourValues® App

ourValues® leverages technology to combine parental guidance, family values and children’s desire to use devices, to create an environment that helps children learn how to effectively self-manage their screen time while learning your family’s values.

ourValues® Lite version

The ourValues® Lite version is a simple, straightforward screen time management solution.  You set how much screen time each child in your family will have and when they’ve used up their allocated screen time, all the apps on their devices are locked until the next day.  The app is easy to use and comes with several shortcuts, all accessible from each child’s dashboard.  You can use these shortcuts to immediately restrict their devices, update screen time allowances, all from the comfort and convenience of your own device. No more screaming at your children, chasing after them, confiscating or looking for places to hide their devices. Cool, huh! 😉👍

ourValues® Gold version

The ourValues® Gold version has all the functions and benefits of the Lite version, plus some additional cool features. With this version, you are able to teach your children your family values by setting activities and behaviours that your child must do.  Simply work out what your child needs and enter these into the app as:

        • a set of responsibilities (activities and behaviours) you expect your child to complete; and
        • an amount of screen time you allow your child to use each day.

Whether your child completes the responsibilities assigned to them will determine if their screen time stays the same, increases or decreases. This approach helps encourage your child to do the things aligned with your family’s values and affect real behavioural change. Similar to the Lite version, when they’ve used up their daily screen time allowance, they will no longer be able to use their devices as the apps will be locked from use.

In addition to linking screen time with the right activities and behaviours, this Gold version also comes bundled with a weekly Screen Time Report that outlines what apps your child has used and for how long!

The ourValues® Gold version is the go-to app for parents wanting an all-rounder screen time management solution that helps instil family values, teach responsibility and achieve behavioural change!

Our Team

The ourValues® app is created by 3 Chiefs, an Australian enterprise based in South Australia. The founders of 3 Chiefs are great mates who have worked, laughed and played together for decades. Each with unique but complementary set of skills, underpinned by our breadth of industry knowledge gained from local and global consulting experience, we formed a company founded on our shared core values of trust, respect and fairness in our dealings with others.

Inspired by innovation, we love disruption and challenging the status quo. We are constantly on the lookout for opportunities to invest in innovative ideas and businesses, with the ourValues® app being one of the stars in our portfolio.



Anthony Gavranic


Anthony has worked in the IT industry for almost 30 years with the development of ourValues®, with two of his best buddies, being one of the most fulfilling experiences of his career. Anthony loves to kickstart the day with a double shot latte before getting stuck into making ourValues® great. “This can make a positive difference to families around the world” being his mantra. When he’s not at work, Anthony loves to spend time with his family including his 3 daughters. Enjoying food, travel and Dad jokes together are what they love doing most. Well… maybe not the Dad jokes.


Johnny Tam


A former executive, Johnny has built on his business acumen and entrepreneurial skills for over 30 years. He’s humbled by the privilege of working with many interesting clients in various industries across Asia Pacific, and, meeting lots of amazing and wonderful people along the way. Leveraging his experience and network of contacts, Johnny is now passionately focussed on investing in innovation that improves everyday life and taking leading edge ideas from inception to reality. The ourValues® app is one such example. In his spare time, he’s a watch enthusiast and an avid car nut!


Gabby Piantedosi


Gabby is a self accredited father of two 😃, who enjoys spending family time with his beautiful children, Carmine and Alyssa. He loves supporting them with their school work and extra curricular activities and watching them grow and develop during their primary school years. Passionate about innovation that matters, Gabby co-founded 3 Chiefs with two of his best mates with whom he has worked for decades. He is excited about the positive impact ourValues® will have in teaching children to effectively self-manage their screen time while learning family values.

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